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6 yard dumpster rental
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6 yard dumpster for rent

Six yard roll off dumpsters are designed for small remodeling, renovation and clean out projects. Whether you need a dumpster to get rid of bricks, dirt or concrete, 6 yard cubic yard dumpster will be able to help you out. Leave your worries behind with a stress free dumpster rental. A City Suburban Service Inc. offers a 6 yard roll off dumpster rental, waste dumpster rental and trash container rental in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

What is included in the base price?
5 days dumpster usage
2 tons of disposal
Dumpster delivery
Dumpster pick-up
How big is a 6 yard dumpster?

6 yard dumpsters are 12 feet long, 6 feet wide and 2.5 feet tall. The dumpster can hold debris produced by a small garage or basement clean out, fencing removal and similar projects. Six cubic yard containers can hold up to 2 tons of disposed materials, including concrete, bricks, dirt and similar debris. In other words, you can fit up to 4,000 lbs of debris in a 6 yard dumpster.

What may fit in a 6 yard dumpster?

6 cubic yard dumpster is the right fit for those who want to get a small clean out. This container is great for getting rid of bricks, dirt or concrete. Six yard dumpster is one of the few that you can throw sand, sod, rocks, and cinder blocks. However, you can not throw any hazardous materials, medical waste, lead acid batteries, industrial waste, asbestos, solid waste, tires, paint, oil, flat roofing in this dumpster.

What are 6 yard dumpster rental prices?

6 yard dumpster rental price starts from $340. In the base price, you will get a dumpster for 5 days. 6 yard dumpster has 2 tons of disposal. A City Suburban Service Inc. provides free delivery and pick-up services. Construction debris and household waste types don’t have any additional costs. Concrete waste costs additional $40 and has the 8 ton weight limit. You’ll need to pay $80 more for bricks and dirt. A dumpster for bricks and dirt will have the same weight limit.

How to rent a 6 yard roll off dumpster?

You can rent a six yard dumpster by simply filling out an online form or making a call to a local dumpster rental company. If you want to rent a dumpster, you will have to comply to the restriction on what you can throw in the dumpster. Also, be ready to pay extra fees if you exceed the weight limit when your dumpster is picked up.

Do I need a permit for a 6 yard dumpster?

Dumpster permits are generally only needed when you place a roll off dumpster on public property, including streets and sidewalks. You can find out if you need a permit for a dumpster by looking into your city’s local requirements for the use of public property.

What are the different roll-off dumpster sizes you can rent?
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